Home News The Supreme Court postpones anti-LGBTQI legislative lawsuit.

The Supreme Court postpones anti-LGBTQI legislative lawsuit.

The Supreme Court postpones anti-LGBTQI legislative lawsuit.
The Supreme Court postpones anti-LGBTQI legislative lawsuit.

The case against the anti-LGBTQI measure has been postponed indefinitely by the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, May 8, the Supreme Court expressed its opinion that the materials submitted by the Speaker of Parliament contained language that was inappropriate. As a result, they have instructed the speaker’s attorneys to submit fresh paperwork.

The court had already dismissed Thaddeus Sory, the Speaker of Parliament’s attorney,’s preliminary opposition to the anti-LGBTQI measure before it was adjourned.

The attorneys representing broadcast journalist Richard Sky, who brought the complaint, attempted to change one of the reliefs on the application for an injunction when the court convened to hear the case, which was televised live.

Thaddeus Sory, the Speaker of Parliament’s attorney, took issue with this.

He contended that allowing them to change it would negate his objection because he had previously stated in documents submitted earlier that his side disagreed with the way the relief was worded.

Chief Justice Gertrude Torkoornoo chaired the Supreme Court’s Justices after hearing the arguments, and they declared, “Our considered view is that the preliminary objection is unnecessary and does not seek to assist any process before this court.” In order to allow the court to ascertain the true issues in dispute, each party has an inherent right to submit the proper formulation of their reliefs or other proceedings before it. The objection is not taken into consideration.

“You have taken our time and energy for nothing,” the Chief Justice added to the speaker’s legal team.

Today, Wednesday, May 8, 2024, Ghanaian Journalist Richard Dela Sky and Scholar Dr. Amanda Odoi are scheduled to appear before the Supreme Court to present their individual lawsuits contesting the enactment of the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill.

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