Home News GHC5 and GHC10 offerings is an abomination to God-Obinim

GHC5 and GHC10 offerings is an abomination to God-Obinim

GHC5 and GHC10 offerings is an abomination to God-Obinim
GHC5 and GHC10 offerings is an abomination to God-Obinim

An online video showing Daniel Obinim, the founder of the International God’s Way Church, has caused a flurry of controversy. In the video, Pastor Obinim is seen angrily telling his followers to take their GHC5 and GHC10 offerings out of the church’s offering bowl, calling them a disdain to God and to himself.

In the widely shared video, Pastor Obinim is seen lamenting the paltry contributions given by his followers and expressing his displeasure and irritation. He chastises them for putting their kids above their church contributions in an indignant tone. He regrets that although they freely donate more money to their children, they chose to give God small gifts.

In a fit of rage, Pastor Obinim charges the people of having betrayed God and leaves them open to all kinds of misfortunes because they are seen to be unkind to him. He shows his frustration, saying that he has had enough and that he doesn’t give a damn if his warnings are reported in the media.

With a swift decision, Pastor Obinim orders all International God’s Way Church branches in Ghana to stop taking donations smaller than GHC20. He is adamant that GHC20 or more must be the minimum permissible contribution to the offertory bowl.

In addition, the pastor gives his congregation spiritual guidance, telling them not to make contributions if they are unable to fulfill the new minimum standard. He implies that, given their financial constraints, God would value honest petitions more than small donations.

Within religious circles, this action by Pastor Obinim has generated discussion. Some have praised his stance against what they see as disrespect towards God, while others object to what they see as an effort to coerce his devotees into paying more money.

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