Home News Fire Out break At Saban Park In Chorkor.

Fire Out break At Saban Park In Chorkor.

fire broke out, taking many of the buildings by surprise at Saban Park in Chorkor
Many of the residents of Saban Park in Chorkor were attending church services when a fire broke out, taking many of the buildings by surprise.

On a tragic day, many residents of Saban Park in Chorkor were attending church services when an unexpected fire broke out, causing significant damage to the buildings. According to eyewitnesses, the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction, which worsened the situation for the town. Fortunately, the Ghana National Fire Service responded promptly, and the fire was extinguished in a matter of minutes.

For the residents, however, the aftermath of the fire is devastating because they now have to deal with the losses and damage the fire caused. This incident highlights the importance of firefighting equipment and the urgent need to invest in it.

Coincidentally, May 4 was International Firemen’s Day, but firefighters in Ghana are struggling with subpar and malfunctioning firefighting equipment, which puts their safety and the safety of the communities they serve at risk. The recent incident involving 28-year-old firefighter Joshua Kankam and his colleagues is a testament to this. While battling a fire emergency in West Legon, a structure collapsed on them, and Joshua and his team were lucky to survive due to the necessary equipment they had, such as helmets.

An investigation by reporter Joseph Armstrong Gold-Alorgbey revealed that many fire stations in the capital lack functioning fire tenders, which is a significant concern for neighborhoods at risk of catastrophic fires. Additionally, many of the fire tenders still in use are getting older, and some have rust and deterioration. Although local mechanics do their best to keep the cars in good working order, their dependability is still questionable. To make matters worse, firefighters lack necessary safety equipment, such as breathing apparatus and safety boats, which further jeopardizes their safety.

The GNFS Public Relations Officer, Timothy Osafo Affum, acknowledges the challenges fire stations face in obtaining operational fire tenders. He hopes the government will acquire new equipment to address this issue. However, it is crucial to act immediately to prevent any further loss of life due to insufficient equipment.

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