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Attack On UTV Is A Threat To Press Freedom: Frederick Alormasor Writes

Ghana has long been celebrated for its thriving democracy and unwavering commitment to press freedom. However, a recent incident has cast a shadow on these pillars of Ghanaian society – the brazen attack on UTV by certain members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

On Saturday, October 7, a group of 16 individuals, reportedly associated with the NPP, forcibly entered the UTV studios during a live broadcast of “United Showbiz.” Their objective was to demand an apology from A Plus, a frequent guest on the show, and other participants who had been critical of the NPP government.

This distressing event not only imperils press freedom but also poses a grave threat to the very essence of Ghana’s democracy. As far as I’m concerned, this only implies 5 things:

  1. A Dire Threat to Press Freedom

Press freedom stands as a cornerstone of any democratic society. Media outlets like UTV act as the fourth estate, essential for checking and balancing government power. When UTV was attacked, it wasn’t just a blow to one media outlet; it was an assault on press freedom itself. Media organizations are pivotal in holding those in power accountable and ensuring the public is well-informed. Attacking the press undermines its ability to fulfill this critical function.

  1. Democracy Under Siege

Democracy thrives on open debate, transparency, and the free exchange of ideas. An attack on a media outlet like UTV strikes at the very heart of democracy. In democratic societies, citizens have the right to access diverse sources of information and form their own opinions. Targeting a media organization disrupts this democratic process, suppressing voices of dissent and weakening the democratic framework.

  1. Intolerance of Criticism by the NPP Government

The assault on UTV mirrors a concerning trend of intolerance towards criticism by the NPP government. In a healthy democracy, criticism should be welcomed as a means of improvement and accountability. Responding to criticism with violence or intimidation erodes democratic values and undermines the principles of free speech and expression that Ghana holds dear.

  1. Attempt to Control the Media

The attack on UTV raises serious concerns about the NPP government’s motives and its efforts to control the media’s operations. An independent press should function autonomously, free from political interference. Such attacks send a chilling message to other media outlets, potentially leading to self-censorship out of fear. This self-censorship, in turn, impedes the free flow of information and stifles democratic discourse.

  1. An Arrogant Display of Power

The attack on UTV is not merely an assault on press freedom and democracy but also a troubling display of power by certain NPP members. Democracy is rooted in respect for all citizens, regardless of their political affiliations. When violence is used to silence dissenting voices, it betrays the principles of democracy and displays a disregard for the rights of the people.

The attack on UTV by select NPP members is a deeply concerning incident and I’m happy about the wide condemnation from all who value press freedom and democracy, and the efforts by the police to bring these individuals to book.

The NPP, a revered political party, must take swift and decisive action to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice. Ghana’s democratic heritage and reputation as a defender of press freedom hangs in the balance. Safeguarding these fundamental principles is the collective responsibility of all citizens to ensure that such attacks do not become a recurring threat to the nation’s democratic foundation.


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