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 Alan Kyerematen’s Independent Candidacy: A Political Gamble or a Bold Move?

In the world of politics, surprises are commonplace. One such political surprise occurred recently when Alan Kyerematen, a prominent figure within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ghana, announced his resignation from the party to contest as an independent candidate. This decision has sparked significant debate and speculation within the Ghanaian political landscape.

In this article, we will examine the implications of Kyerematen’s move and attempt to dissect the potential impact it may have on the upcoming elections.


Alan Kyerematen, a seasoned politician, and a loyal member of the NPP, served in various capacities within the party and the government. His resume includes roles as Minister for Trade and Industry and the Ambassador to the United States under President Kufuor’s administration.

Moreover, Kyerematen had previously vied for the NPP presidential ticket twice, narrowly losing to Nana Akufo-Addo in both instances. His loyalty to the NPP has been unquestionable, which makes his decision to contest as an independent candidate all the more intriguing.


One of the immediate implications of Kyerematen’s decision is the potential division it could create within the NPP. The party has long been considered a stronghold of center-right politics in Ghana and has enjoyed considerable success in recent elections under the leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo.

Kyerematen’s departure raises questions about whether his move might lead to a split within the party’s base, potentially weakening its chances in the upcoming election. Some NPP loyalists might see Kyerematen’s decision as a betrayal, while others could be sympathetic to his motivations.


However, Kyerematen’s decision could also be interpreted as a principled stance against perceived internal party issues. Perhaps he believes that the NPP has lost its way or strayed from the core principles he holds dear.

In such a case, his independent candidacy could be seen as a courageous attempt to offer an alternative vision for Ghana, unburdened by party constraints. This move might resonate with voters who are disillusioned with traditional party politics and seek independent-minded leaders.


Another aspect to consider is whether Kyerematen’s candidacy has the potential to influence the dynamics of the upcoming election. Ghanaian politics is often characterized by a two-party system, with the NPP and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) being the dominant players.

The emergence of an independent candidate with Kyerematen’s political pedigree could inject fresh ideas and perspectives into the race. It might force the major parties to address issues they may have otherwise overlooked and appeal to a broader range of voters.


However, the challenge for independent candidates in Ghana’s political landscape is formidable. The NPP and NDC have well-established party structures, strong grassroots support, and significant financial backing.

Kyerematen will need to build a formidable campaign organization, mobilize supporters, and secure the necessary resources to mount a competitive campaign. Without these elements, his candidacy may struggle to gain traction and relevance.


Moreover, the question of electability looms large for Kyerematen. Winning an election as an independent candidate in Ghana is a daunting task, given the dominance of the major parties. Voters often opt for the perceived stability and track record of established parties, viewing independent candidates as less likely to secure key government positions or enact meaningful change.


Alan Kyerematen’s decision to contest as an independent candidate is a bold and unexpected move that has the potential to reshape the political landscape in Ghana. It raises questions about party loyalty, principled politics, and the ability of independent candidates to challenge the status quo.

While his candidacy may appeal to those disenchanted with traditional party politics, Kyerematen faces significant challenges in building a competitive campaign and convincing voters of his electability. As the election unfolds, Ghanaians will watch with keen interest to see whether this gamble pays off or if it ultimately serves as a reminder of the enduring power of established political parties in the country.


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